17 may. 2011

La mia voce tuonerá

I'm once again having this weird dream about death. I'm walking through a dark and desert street when I realize that there's this mysterious, unearthly beautiful female, who stares at me. She has deep green eyes and wears a lengthy red dress. Her bloom strangely scares me, that gaze fucking freaks me out. She's the woman I'd like to be but never will. I feel like I know her but I'm sure I have never met her before. And then happens this blocking strange thing: Casta Diva starts playing all around. I don't know where the sound comes from, but it is everywhere. That's when I understand I'm about to die, it's my funeral song. The enigmatic woman asks me if I'm coming with her, she talks in french, which is spooky, as I don't speak it, but when I try to deny, I have no voice. I open my mouth but no word will go out. I can't talk, and it scares the shit out of me, so when I'm about to fall in the ground... I wake up.

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