7 oct. 2011

Come on, let's get high

I have only known to people that have gone high on tobacco. I know it might sound fucking strange, but it is truly possible to be trashed on cigarettes. The first one was a girl I used to know years ago. She would hardly ever drink, not even smoke pot or be stoned. We were a bit drunk when she asked me if I would teach her how to smoke a cigarette as she had never done it. That looked pretty weird to me but I didn't want to sound picky so I rolled her a cigarette and told her how to light it. She went straight to the point and kept on trying to have a puff in the right way that, somehow, like about 15 minutes later, she was totally and deeply high. I can tell she was a bit drunk, but not at all SO drunk as she looked. She started saying too many things too fast I couldn't afford that much information. She was completely stoned. First madly happy, then wildly sad. Every one was looking at her and laughing, till she said she wanted me. Not joking. She really wanted me. You know, when someone tells you that he or she wants you when is absolutely high, you don't take it for real, but you still have that greating feeling of beeing liked by someone. Anyway, it didn't matter at all to me, I was just fucking astonished she was so fucked up. Althoug next morning I was staring at her like "God damn it, you were so fuck up, can you remember anything?". I don't think she could, or maybe she was just too embarassed to ever again tell me something. We kept on being friends and remembering that night when she got totally pissed on cigarettes.

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